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Choosing the best Aquarium Freshwater Fish Species for your tank

the aquarium freshwater fish categories



If you have recently bought and installed an aquarium tank, chances are that you are looking to fill it up with exotic fish. Before going out to buy your pets, you have to research the aquarium freshwater fish categories extensively.

A number of people opt for the most colorful and fancy looking fish without having proper knowledge of their survival skills or compatibility with others.

While, these creatures are usually chosen for their ability to enhance the surroundings and are quite enchanting, there are some people who also keep them for breeding purposes.

Freshwater fish come in a number of categories and species. Those who want to breed these fish have to choose the ones which are most optimal for this, while the others can look for the exotic species.

Whether you want the freshwater fish to decorate your home or keep them as a hobby, there are several unique and interesting options to consider.

Let’s discuss a few of these fish species:


– Discus




They are native Amazonian fish, which come in a circular shape and wide range of bright colors. These fish make for good aquarium pets as they can be easily taken care of.

The most common and popular ones that you will come across are red, turquoise and blue Discus. Interestingly enough, when these fish grow accustomed to their surroundings, they can recognize the owner and even answer to their call.



– Cichlids




There are different kinds of cichlids which can be kept in aquariums. The African cichlids or the Malawi cichlids carry a lot of bright and attractive colors that make them stand out amongst others. You can easily recognize these cichlids from their markings.

However, once you decide to keep these in your tank, you must make sure that their surrounding mimics the natural habitat and the water temperature is stable.


– Arowana




This fish is known for its razor sharp teeth and large size. The Arowana is also native to the Amazon basin and need their environment to be as comfortable as possible.

Ensure that their surrounded by rocks, plants and lots of sands which facilitates their movement in the water.


– Datnoid




The fish comes from the waters of Thailand and Indonesia. They carry tiger strips and are mostly patterned, which is why a lot of people also refer to them as tiger fish. These fish love to hunt but are not that aggressive in nature.


– Catfish




These fish are the most beautiful and exotic creatures which add to the beauty of the environment. They can make for good breeders as well.


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