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Dogs and Breeds

Dogs and Breeds


The only animal which has a wide variation in its appearance without any evolutionary process in its reproduction, to evolve a distinct species is the “dog”. From thousands of years, the process of breeding in dogs is either from the ancestral lines or from the other mixing dogs.

This process is continuing even today and resulting in different hybrid varieties and different types of dogs. The breeds of the dogs are categorized according to the functional breed types from which it was developed. There are many different types and subtypes of dogs.

Some of the basic types of dogs which are traditional and have long histories and registered breeds are hunting, working, companion and guard dogs, along with this standard registered breeds there are some new breeds still under development.


Dog Breeds


Australian Shepherd Dog


In spite of its name, this dog is originated in the Western U.S in the 1840s. The Australian Shepherd dog is the original bred to “Herd Livestock”. This dog is nicknamed as ‘Aussie’.

This dog is from the intelligent family, if it is tuned properly, it works actively in dog sports and other activities. People believe that the small dogs are not suitable for the apartment, but these dogs even though they are small they are of full energetic and they behave decently with the other residents and are best suitable for the apartment dog.


The Aussie female dog grows up to 18 to 21 inches and 20 to 23 inches for males, these dogs it may weigh 40 to 55 pounds females and 50 to 65 pounds males. The Aussie dog lifespan may vary from 12 to 15 years. This dog needs regular exercise, nearly an hour every day. These Aussie dogs are best suitable for the wide open space houses, but if provided regular exercise they are fine in cities also. The Aussie dogs need regular maintenance to keep it clean and look tidy.


 These Aussie dogs are suitable for both apartments and spacy houses. To buy the best Aussie dog, buy the Puppy finder from the reputable breeder and make sure that they are healthy and free from genetic diseases. If Aussie dogs are trained, they are very active in sports and other activities. These dogs always need regular exercise to be healthy and sportive.


Children are to be trained if the Aussie dogs are kept as pets in their houses. It is always recommendable for the elders not to allow the dogs to chase and nipping at kids.


The Aussie dogs need dry food ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 high-quality food every day divided into two meals. Those who want a healthy dog can better to buy an Aussie Puppy from a registered breeder and train your puppy in sports and other activities and enjoy the best and wonderful companion for your family.


Bloodhound Dog


The Bloodhound dogs are intelligent and very active dogs which were created in the France. The Bloodhound dog lovers, like the nature of the dog and its appearance.


These Bloodhound dogs are adaptable. These are not suitable for apartment living. Its sensitivity levels are more and these dogs are tolerable and resilient for all weather conditions. These dogs can tolerate cold and hot weather conditions.

These dogs are very friendly with the family members and very affectionate with the kids. To your surprise, these dogs are friendly with strangers and express their friendliness and greet the strangers by wagging their tails.

However shedding may vary from different breeds. The amount of shedding of Bloodhound dogs is average. These dogs have good health conditions unless the breed and its relatives are a healthy breed. As these dogs are intelligent they are easily trainable. The Bloodhound dogs are highly energetic and need regular exercising.

The average height of the Bloodhound male dogs may vary from 25 to 27 inches tall and these dogs may weigh from 90 to 110 pounds and female dogs from 23 to 25 inches tall and 80 to 100 pounds weight.


The Bloodhound dogs are working dogs and need daily walks and runs. These are very active dogs and best suitable for a large fenced yard. These dogs are pack dogs and enjoy the companion of other dogs. The Bloodhound dogs are highly tolerable and are very friendly nature.


The bloodhound dogs are not suitable for apartments. These dogs need fencing yards. These dogs for your surprise chew and swallow the unimaginable things like rocks, batteries and some of these dogs even eat TV remotes.

One who prefer a dignified dog for their yard, better buy a Bloodhound dog. The best Bloodhound Puppy sales are available throughout the world and the price of a ‘Livermale9, male puppy of 8 weeks may cost around $650 and 12 weeks puppy around $800.


Boxer Dogs


The Boxer dogs are guard dogs and most preferable for the homes. These dogs are best for adaptable and best suitable for apartment living. These dogs tolerate cold weather but not hot weather.

The Boxer dogs are very friendly with the family members and are very affectionate to kids. These dogs greet the strangers by wagging their tails. The Boxer dog is also known as hearing and best watchful dog.

The average size of a male Boxer dog may vary from 22.5 to 25 inches and weigh nearly 70 pounds. There is a slight variation for female dogs that they may grow 21 to 23.5 inches tall and weigh nearly 60 pounds.


The Boxer dogs are easy to groom. According to the owner’s convenience, he can brush up the dog. The shedding of a Boxer dog is average. The Boxer dogs can be trained easily. These dogs are very potential and playful.  


Boxer dogs are not allowed to be outdoors for longer periods. Training of the Boxer big dog is somewhat critical. There are chances for the boxer dogs to become ill if the owner leaves the dog for long period for any reason.


Chihuahua Dog


The Chihuahua dog is one among the best 10 watchdogs which are smaller in size with different coats and colors. These dogs are very sportive and capable to compete with other dogs in obedience and agility. The maintenance of the Chihuahua dog is very minimum and always likes the companion of its owners.


These dogs are suitable for apartment living. These dogs are having high sensitivity levels and can tolerate the cold weather but not the hot weathers. These dogs are very small and weigh hardly 3 to 6 pounds. Some breeds are oversize with 12 or more pounds which can be recommended for the families with kids.



The Chihuahua dogs are very affectionate towards their owners and kids. These dogs are very friendly with the family members and also with the strangers. These dogs have an average rate of shedding and less maintenance. Grooming for these dogs is very easy. These watchdogs need regular exercise.


Chihuahua dogs are not recommended for the families with kids of below eight years. These dogs are mistrust the strangers, so needs proper training. The owner must be very vigilant with these dogs in new locations. These dogs not supposed to leave outside alone. The Chihuahua dogs need high-quality food of ¼ to ½ cup of dry food every day.

The Chihuahua dogs are available in different colors such as black, white, spotted and tan. These dogs will reproduce one to four puppies as the information given by the experts. These small dogs are available in all the reputed stores and price may range from 1500 INR to 5000 INR.


Dalmatian Dog


The Dalmatian dogs are known as a star of Disney’s. These dogs are capable to hunt and to perform in a circus. The average size of these Dalmatian dogs range from 19 to 24 inches and these dogs weigh nearly 45 to 55 pounds.


The Dalmatian dogs are highly intelligent and have highly sensitive levels. These dogs are very less tolerable capacities. These dogs are best suitable for hot climates. These dogs are friendly towards family members and affectionate towards kids. These dogs are very easy to groom and have good health conditions. The energy levels are very high for these dogs and need regular exercise.


The Dalmatian dogs are not suitable for apartment living. The Dalmatian dogs are not suitable for all weather conditions. These dogs are not friendly towards strangers. The amount of shedding is very high in these dogs.

The Dalmatian dogs need socialization which needs the puppy to grow healthy and can expose to many different climates and different personalities.


French Bulldog


A smart loving dog which always needs companions and also a free thinker. These bulldogs are food lovers and are well trained with only food rewards and play.


The average height of a French bulldog may vary from 10 to 12 inches and may weigh about 20 to 28 pounds. These dogs are well suitable for apartment living. These dogs are not suitable for extreme hot and cold climates. These dogs are very affectionate towards family and kids.


The French bulldogs do not require any regular exercises as they have low energy levels. Most of the time these dogs like to involve in play activities. The French Bulldog needs a high-quality cup of dry food, need only short walks in the backyard and require more play time.


Goldador Dog


The Goldador dogs are referred as ‘designer dogs’, and are the result of the first generation crosses. The Goldador is an excellent watchdog and also an effective guard dog. This dog loves kids and likes to be with other animals. This dog has independent thinking skills and capable to work as the assistant dog. This dog always loves to be with the family members.

The dog breeds of these dogs are a large and similar size and shape of the parent dog. These dogs may weigh  60 to 80 lbs and maybe 22 to 24 inches tall. These dogs are available in black, red, yellow and golden color. The puppies are sold in all registered centers and the puppies sales prices may vary from $500 to 600$.


Jack Russell Terrier Dog


The Jack Russell Terrier Dogs have developed 200 years ago in England. The dog breeds of these dogs are best suitable for apartment living. These dogs are best suitable for moderate weather conditions. The amount of shedding of these dogs is low and highly affectionate to children and strangers. Sales of Puppies of these dogs are available in all registered centers and price of these puppies may range from 850$.

Picture of Jack Russell Terrier Dog


Neapolitan Mastiff Dog



The breed of this dog is known as ‘gentle giant’. Some of the breeds of these dogs are Burgundy, Jessie, Big Blue, Black Female and Akc Male. The price of these puppies may vary from $2000 to 2600 USD$. The Neapolitan Mastiff dog is a guard dog which is developed in the Southern Italy.


Labrador Retriever Dog


The Labrador Retriever dog is bred from both the family dog and working dog breed. This is the most popular breed in America. These are not suitable for the apartment living. These dogs are very sensitive and are tolerable for both hot and cold weather conditions. These dogs are very affectionate towards family and strangers. These dogs can be trained easily.




The Papillon breed is from the toy spaniels. These dogs are best suitable for apartment living. These are very sensitive and best suitable for hot climate weather conditions. The Papillons are 11 inches and weigh from 4 to 9 pounds. The picture of the Papillon is-


List of dog breeds with pictures


  • The dog breed of Komondor is from Hungary.


  • Siberian Husky is the original bred from Siberia.


  • The Scottish Deerhound is a dog breed from Scottish roe deer and a magnificent beast.


  • Shi Tzu means lion but this dog does not look like a little lion and one should not fierce about its breed.


  • Standard Schnauzer Dog, Is the original breed to guard dogs and ratters. These are multipurpose dogs in German farms.


  • Sussex Spaniel Dog


  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


  • Tibetan Terrier Dog


  • Toy Fox Terrier


  • Whippet dog breed was from a poacher’s friend. These dogs run after rabbits and other small animals.


  • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is the best and happy dog breed. These are the excellent gundogs. These dogs are very energetic and suffer from diseases


  • Xoloitzcuintli dogs breed is also called Mexican Hairless. These dogs are mostly seen in North America and they are an original native of Mexico and Central America.


  • Yorkipoo dog breed is a mixed cross of Yorkshire Terrier and Toy or Miniature Poodle. These dogs are very intelligent and affectionate towards family members and its companions.


  • Samoyed dog breed is originally from Northwestern Siberia. These are not suitable for apartment living. These dogs are highly sensitive and are best suitable for cold weather conditions.


  • Saluki dogs believe that these dogs are a gift from Allah. This is one of the oldest dog breeds, which is skinny and also a supermodel which devotes towards their owner.


  • A Schnoodle dog is a hybrid dog breed. These dogs are found in many colors and the average weight of these dogs is 76 pounds. The majority of these dogs are small in size.


  • Pomeranian dogs are from large sled breed. The latest history of these dogs is very interesting. These dogs are fox-faced dogs and have a nickname as ‘little dog. This dog is very active and attractable. This dog is most obedient and a good family friend.


  • Pug dogs are original breed from the American Kennel Club’s Toy group. These are the breed of the lap dog.


Select the dog breed according to your requirement. Each variety breed has its own features. Some are suitable for cold weather and some are for hot weathers. So it is must for all those who want the best breed must choose the best dog which is active, friendly and sportive. People who prefer to buy a small dog as a pet and to keep it in an apartment, it is must those to select the dog which suits their requirement. Many dogs are friendly and faithful towards their masters. Only a few dogs are not allowed inside the house and for the family those who have small kids. Select the best dog and fulfill your requirement.


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