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What everyone needs to know about Best 10 large breed cats

Those who have cats at home are already aware of the challenges that come with training them and taking good care of the animal. There are others that do not realize how important it is for a cat to be looked after properly, especially if they are of a particular breed.

While most breeds of cats are friendly and adapt to their surrounding quickly, a few of them also take time in settling down. The cats which require more attention and time that the usual house cats are those which belong to the larger breeds

These large breed cats are much bigger in size than the average ones. However, once you are able to befriend the animal, there is nothing better. It will be like cuddling up to a big friendly lion and they will make the most wonderful pets that anyone can ever think of.


Let’s take a look at ten large breed cats:


Maine Coon Cat




This is one of the largest cats that can be found and weighs up to fifteen pounds or more. It is in essence a domestic cat, which is why owners will find it to be friendly and quite playful.


Savannah Cat


Interestingly enough, this cat is a result of crossbreeding between an African Serval and a house cat. It is an agile and loyal animal that will weigh more than 25lbs.

Ragdoll Cat





These can be quite huge in size and range between ten to twenty pounds. The cat is a good pet to have around due to its social nature and adaptability.

Chausie Cat




Cat lovers will find this animal to be very tall and broad. It is also quite intelligent and loves to jump which is not a problem due to its light weight.

Ragamuffin Cat




This cat is a distant cousin of the ragdoll and quite similar in personality as well. It weighs between 11 to 17 pounds.

Norwegian Forest Cat




Much like its exotic name, the animal seems to stand out too. These cats are beautiful, fluffy and very large, with the average male weighing more than 20 pounds.


Siberian Cat




It is a breed originating in the cold region of Siberia and has a thick coat for protection against the harsh weather. Their average weight varies between 15 to 20 lbs.

British Shorthair Cat




This cat is large, short haired and quite an affectionate creature. Its weight can be anywhere from 9 to 18 pounds.

Turkish Van Cat




It is a rare breed that originated from Southwest and Central Asia. The cat is quite large and can weigh up to fifteen pounds.

American Bobtail Cat




Their special tails make them stand out amongst others. With an average weight of 7 to 15lbs, the animal is quite heavy, yet makes for a good pet to have around.



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