Find out about the breed Bernese Mountain Dog

Find out about Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog , also known as the Berner Sennenhund, Berner Sennen or simply Berner, is a large-sized, strong dog whose agility gives it an additional appeal.

It has a long body with a slightly tall stature and has head which is wide and flat having a decent stop.

It has got ears that are triangular in shape and have rounded tips. It has got a sturdy set of legs and a low lying tail.

Having a weather-resistant coat, the Bernese Mountain Dog has the ability to withstand bad weather using its thick, long coat.

It has three colors on its body; the base is black while the chest is while along with the head and has rusty colored cheeks, legs, and tail.

The Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally from the Swiss mountains. They were essentially dogs who carried out labor work along with driving cattle, acting as watchdogs for farms etc.

at home :


These dogs are friendly creatures who have a strong liking toward children. They can be trained easily as long as the trainers knows what he or she is doing.

What this means is the Bernese Mountain Dog needs a well-structured leader who can show who’s the boss.

They want someone who puts down rules in a clear and manner allowing the dog to follow them properly.

These dogs are quite alright with strangers and can be very well-behaved. They are one of those dogs who can socialize easily and act maturely.

However, they need proper training for a longer while as the Bernese Mountain Dog tends to act like a puppy for an extended period of time as compared to other breeds.

This is why they need training. Also, a regular walk is necessary to satiate their need to migrate.

Moreover, the advantage of this breed is that it was originally bred to carry out draft work and hence can be trained with carts quite effectively.

The overall shape of the dog:


The height and weight of these dogs vary across genders. The males usually have a height that ranges from 24 – 28 inches while females have a height between 23 to 27 inches.

On the other hand, the males around 85 – 110 pound whereas females can weigh at 80 pounds all the way up 105 pounds.

The disadvantages involved with this dog is that you need to take real care of its diet. This is because the dog can catch a number of diseases.


Bernese Mountain Dog


Primarily, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are susceptible to bloat, cancer, hip and elbow dysplasia along with eye problems. They can become overweight also and can have mast cell tumors.


As can be seen, these dogs have a thick fur and therefore prefer cold climates outdoors rather than been locked inside the house in a warm environment.

They need open space and lower temperatures as such. Moreover, regular exercise is a must for these dogs so you need to make sure that you take them on walks on a regular basis and for a considerable amount of time.


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