All there is to know about cold water aquarium fish

about cold water aquarium fish


Fish are the most convenient of all pets. They are pristine creatures that not only make enhance your surroundings but also make people feel better. A number of people opt for fish as pets as they are easy to take care of and can be easily managed in an aquarium or a tank.

Mostly, people like to keep tropical fish which thrive best in heated aquariums, however there are some who look for fish that can live in cold waters. These cold water aquarium fish are actually sub-tropical and only survive in low temperature waters.

If you are interested in harboring cold water aquarium fish then you must know that the aquarium or tank for them has to be chilled. One needs to have a chiller installed within the tank so that they water can remain cold at all times. There are many cold water aquarium fish to choose from. 


Let’s have a look at some of them:


1. White Cloud Mountain Minnow


This is a commonly found little fish which is peaceful and social. It only survives in a shoal which means that you will have to keep at least four or five of them together.


2. Peppered Cory


The fish prefers the cool waters and company. It is best to keep this one in its natural habitat as it likes staying on the ground and swimming peacefully.



3. Hillstream Loach


These fish thrive in tanks which facilitate a lot of oxygen and a strong current. They also prefer rocks to plants as their natural habitat is similar to that.


4. Western Mosquitofish


The fish are small and active, known to be fast swimmers. They can get aggressive which is why it is suggested that the ratio should be one male to two females.


5. Metallic livebearer


This attractive creature is small and docile, with the females being prone to bullying by the male. It is advised that the male to female ratio should also be one to two.


6. Paradise Gourami


The sub-tropical fish is quite the opposite of its name. It is territorial and known to only cohabit in pairs.


7. Bloodfin Tetras



This fish will only thrive when kept in a shoal of six or more fish. It is peaceful, active and likes to hide under stones or rocks.


8. Buenos Aires Tetras


It is similar to the Bloodfin but differs in color.


9. Zebra Danio


The fish is quite common and known for its stripes. It needs a big and spacious tank to survive.


10. Rosy Barb


This is a peaceful and tolerant fish, and can survive in water of varying chemistry.  


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