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How to leash train a dog and make it fun

How to leash train a dog


All dog owners at one point or the other have had trouble with training their dogs to walk on a leash. Introducing a dog or a puppy to the leash and making sure that they don’t pull away can be quite a challenge. However, it is imperative that a dog learns how to walk with a leash early in the day.


A puppy will be able to learn quickly and adapt much better than a grown dog, who will find it difficult. If you want to know how to leash train a puppy, then first introduce them to confined walking,

Once a puppy has learned how to respond to the owner and walk in a confined with them without getting distracted, they will be able to stay on the leash without getting agitated.



Here are some ways that make leash training fun :


  • Go on as many walks as you can with the puppy. Consider each one a training session but keep them short as during long ones the dog may end up pulling on the leash or trying to break away.


  • Try to tire out your pet before taking them out on a walk. Dogs are very energetic animals and get distracted easily, which is why they try to pull and get away from the owner. If they are already tired, chances of them pulling away are considerably less.


  • Make it a playtime session. Throw in an occasional treat or play a game with the dog’s favorite toy so that they stay close to you.


  • Treat them as often as possible during the walk. It is advised that the owners give their pets soft treats so that it becomes easier for the puppy to eat and then run at the same time. Ham or a small jerky will do the trick just fine.


  • You must try and walk at a fast pace so that the puppy keeps on walking with and has little time to get distracted with the surroundings.



  • Introduce them to the leash early on.




An important aspect of training a dog to walk on the leash is being patient. You have to be very calm and not get rattled if the dog starts to jump around or run away when you are putting on the leash.


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