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what do you need to adopt a kitten ? And how to choose the appropriate breeds for you

Breeding Cats



If you are interested in becoming a cat breeder and learn about adopt a kitten, you should know that it is a lengthy process which requires extensive research on part of the breeder.

Initially, cat breeding may sound easy but once the preparation begins, it turns out to be an expensive, time consuming and tricky procedure. However, remember that no matter what, the end result will be highly rewarding.

For cat lovers, breeding can be quite fun and interesting. It will not only help the cat owner bond with their pet but also lead to the expansion of their pet family. Think of it this way, you will have an entire litter of fluffy kittens to look for!

Some people take up cat breeding as a hobby or interest, and invest their time in creating awareness regarding the proper ways to breed a cat. It is an important commitment; hence, you have to think it through very carefully.

Once you have come to a decision, you should immediately start looking around for vets. If you are specifically looking for a particular breed, then consult the appropriate breeder or expert.

Those who want to breed their own pet cats should ask their vet and go along with their opinion.
Usually, the vets can help cat breeders determine whether their animal is of a suitable age and health.

The suitable age for females is around 18 to 24 months while males should be at least 18 months before being allowed to enter the breeding phase.

The other most important aspect of cat breeding is pedigree. A breeder has to carefully pick out the breed of cat they desire and acquaint themselves with every detail available on it. There is a lot to learn on this process.

The majority of pedigree breeds entails a fairly complex breeding standard. The breeder must have enough knowledge about the cat’s lineage and particular qualities or traits. This way they can ensure that the kittens carry the best of both sides and inherit the ‘ideal’ genes.

Experts recommend that breeders who are interested in putting up kittens for sale should only try and breed from top quality cats. If you are looking to breed your queen or stud, then you have to ensure that you find suitable partners for either and from a reputable breeder.

The emphasis should be on quality and proper breeding. Before you enter your animal into a breeding program make sure that they have a clean health certificate.

This means that both parents should be free of worms, mites and internal parasites. Apart from this, you should also get them tested for FeLV and FIV, as well as genetic diseases like heart and polycystic kidney problems, hip dysplasia and any breed specific disease.

A breeder also needs to ensure that all vaccinations have been performed right before the breeding process begins.


Breeding Cycle and Pregnancy


After your queen has entered the breeding phase, the next step is to determine when she will at her most fertile or ‘in heat’.

This usually happens during spring and summer time for cats that are kept outdoors for most of the time, while the indoor ones can be fertile throughout the year due to presence of artificial light.

Cats do not ovulate until they have mater or bred. The mating stage which involves the queen being taken to a stud or tom is known as Estrus. This is the time when the queen will call out to a tom and initiate mating.

A breeder must be careful to keep away all the stray cats from their queen since she happens to be in heat and might breed with whoever answers the mating call.

Experts say that a cat should breed at least three times a day during the Estrus stage since it results in a 90% chance of the queen ovulating.

When the queen becomes pregnant, the breeder will be able to see visible signs of it after three to four weeks from mating. At six weeks, she is going to be much bigger than her regular size.

The average period of pregnancy can last around 63 to 65 days from the day of the mating process.


In order to figure out if the queen is pregnant or not, a breeder can try any of the following:


-The nipple area will start to become pinker.
-Get an X-Ray or an ultrasound performed.
-Check palpitations.


Make sure that you feed the pregnant queen a balanced and well-nourished diet. Schedule regular check-ups with a vet and take preventive measures from before, in case anything goes wrong.
When the queen is about to give birth, it is important for the breeder to provide her with a warm and comfortable space to nurture the kittens.

Breeds of cats


There are a number of different cat breeds that a person can choose from when looking to breed their cats.

In order to make the process easier for you, we have listed quite a few breeds with a short description so that you can get an idea.

1-Ragdoll Cats




A ragdoll cat is known for its distinctive blue eyes and semi- long hair. It is large and fairly muscular, has a silky coat and is of pointed breed, which means that the body can be lighter in color than the face, tail, ears or legs.

This type of cat is bred to produce affectionate and domesticated animals that tend to be more interested in their owners than any other breed of cats.
The ragdoll breeds was first developed by Ann Baker during the 1960s in California, and till date happens to be the most popular breed of cat in United States and United Kingdom.

The ragdoll kittens can take time to mature, with most reaching their entire coat color by age two. These kittens will usually be their full size and weight at the age of four.

Ragdoll cats are quite endearing and fun to be around, they follow their owners everywhere and have a very gentle and calm temperament.
Ragdoll cats and kittens are easy to care for and do not require that much time to look for. The coat is minimal maintenance, which means that the owner can save up on grooming expenses.

The Ragdoll is literally one of the best cats to have, especially in this day and age, where everyone is busy in their fast paced lives.

2-Bengal Cats



Bengal Cats

This exotic looking Bengal Cat has been developed by cross breeding Asian leopard cats with domestic cats. It has a vivid and markedly spotty coat which at first look might remind you of leopards or panthers.

The usual color of the coat will be either light brown or orange, but there are snow white ones as well.
It is a large cat and known for its high intellect. The Bengal kittens are very playful and not afraid to jump in water at any time.
This cat is a delight for the owner, since it is agile, graceful and quite affectionate as well.

Bengal cats require minimum grooming and are easy to take care of, hence being a perfect choice for large families and children.

3- Siamese cats



Siamese cats

The Siamese cat is a native Asian cat known to have origins from Thailand. Carefully bred over a period of many years, the modern Siamese cat happens to boast distinctive features such as almond shaped blue eyes, triangular head, large ears and a muscular yet elongated body.

It is also one of the most popular breeds to be found in countries all across the world. These cats are said to be very fond of humans and highly affectionate towards their owners.

Siamese kittens are to be kept in pairs because they can show signs of depression if left alone for long periods of time.

4- Siberian Cats



Siberian Cats

The Siberian Cat is one of the largest domesticated cats found in the world. It is native Russian household cat which is being formally developed as a breed since the 1980s. The cat is large and powerful, known to jump incredibly high.

Siberian kittens are recognized by their semi-log hair, arch to the back and stocky build. The cats are affectionate and devoted creatures with a calm and easy going temperament.

5- Himalayan Cats




The Himalayan Cat may appear similar to a Persian but is in fact quite different. It is of pointed color and has beautiful blue eyes that stand out among all. History leads experts to believe that the breed has been developed by cross breeding Siamese and Persian cats.

It is known for the long haired coat and round body. The cat has shorter legs than most which make it difficult for them to jump high.

The Himalayan kittens as well as cats can be quite intelligent and have the potential of being good companions. They also love attention and crave grooming.

6- Persian Cats



persian kittens pictures

The Persian cat belongs to one of the oldest breed in the world. The cat is known for its elegance, long hair and round face.

It was developed by the English and Americans in the 20th century, mainly the post-World War II era.

Selective breeding has enabled breeders to configure a number of changes in the traditional Persian breed. You will now find flat faced or punch faced Persian kittens available commonly.

It is a beautiful cat known to be docile and sweet. They may not trust new people but are quite affectionate towards owners and family members.

7- Burmese cats



Burmese cats

The breed originated from South East Asia but can now be found everywhere, especially with United States and United Kingdom.

As evident by the name, the cat first came from Burma and as a result of cross breeding t-with the Siamese, it can now be found as a domestic pet in America and Great Britain.

The British Burmese cat will be slightly difference in appearance from the one in United States.

The former is more slender, has pointy ears and almond shaped eyes while the latter is sturdier, boasts round eyes and a flat muzzle.

They are a people’s cat, known for their sweet temperament and playful nature.

8- Birman Cats



Birman Cats

The Birman Cat carries a distinctive silky coat and is long haired. It is color pointed and has dark blue eyes which are distinguishable from far. The cat is medium sized, has a rectangular body and broad face.

It is a smart, yet docile cat which loves the owner and can follow them everywhere.

9- Abyssinian Cats



Abyssinian Cats

The Abyssinian cat, named after the country it originated from, Ethiopia, is a popular and short haired domestic cat found in United States. It is slender; medium sized and has alert, pointy ears.

This is one graceful cat that boasts a dark, tabby like is very playful and active, which is why the owner should be careful of high jumps and heights.

10- Sphynx cats



Sphynx Hairless Cats in front of white background

The Sphynx cat is known for its lack of coat and has been developed over careful selective breeding through the years. The cat is not entirely hairless and has whiskers on their skin instead of proper fur.

It has large eyes, prominent cheekbones and a muscular body. Despite their furless body, these cats are quite the extrovert.

They love being outdoors, are very friendly and affectionate towards their owners. The Sphynx kittens are intelligent, athletic and highly social.

11- Russian Blue Cats



Russian Blue Cats

The Russian Blue Cat is found in various colors such as silver and slate grey. Originating from Russia, the cat is known for its dense coat and deep green eyes, along with the bluish color of their coats.

It is a friendly cat that can be quite fun to have around. They are known hunters and can go after anything from a small rabbit to rodents.

Breeding cats might be a tedious process but is well worth it. If you are looking to adopt kittens or a cat, the breeders can help you find one of your choosing.

Adopting is not for everyone, hence if you are absolutely sure that you can take the time out and care for a kitten or cat, then only should you go for it.


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