Russian Blue Cat is strong and have an elegant appearance

Blue Cat

The Russian blue cat is one of the many breeds of cats that is strong and have an elegant appearance with an elongated body structure.

It is not a huge specimen but is rather medium in size. Although it might seem that the cat has a short stiff neck covered in fur while sitting, it actually has a neck that it can stretch out long when standing.


Russian Blue Cat

The most striking feature about this cat is perhaps its magnificent fur. Having a dark blue coating, the fur is double-layered making the cat seem larger than it actually is.

The double-coating allows it to have a plush covering that is deep and pleasurably soft to the touch.

The dark blue color further adds to this beautification which shines when a light is reflected against it. Legend has it that due to the fur, the Russian blue cat was often hunted down.

However, one cannot overlook the marvel of its shining eyes that are piercing and yet surreal. The eyes have a yellow coloration with green rings surrounding the pupil.

As the cat ages, the color turns into green blending in perfectly with the blue fur coating. With the eyes only slanting at the upper corners, these round shaped organs allow the cat to exude a gentle and amiable expression that is sure to captivate you simply through a glance.

This is further enhanced by the emphatic smile that the cat has, resembling quite mysteriously to that of Mona Lisa.

Suitability Russian blue cat breeding at home :


Coming towards its behavior and character, just like it has a physically appealing appearance, so does it has a very adorable character.

Quite reserved, the cat never loses an opportunity to play with its owner and adapts really well with what it is taught.

Amusingly, it can seem a bit off if you do not play with it quite often, a rare kind of characteristic – showing of emotions.

This is one those animals that can connect very well with humans emotionally. Emotional intelligence you may say, but the cat knows when you are under the clouds.

So as it goes, this warm companion will be by your side giving the pat on the face that you need. It not only has the knack to cheer up adults but also a hollering baby can be appeased by its mischievous shenanigans.

It is not intolerant of solitude and can be very content being at home all by itself. A well-behaved cat it is indeed.

Russian Blue

The Russian blue, however, is quite often shy and is not fond of unnecessary attention from strangers. It is somewhat of an introvert who likes everything to be in the right place and prefers sticking to a stringent routine.

Averse to change, it can be pretty disappointing if not attended to at the appropriate time and loves uniformity in its affairs. It also has an affinity toward hygiene and cannot stand untidiness.

Having no serious health issues, the creature is sturdy and can be related if allowed more time with its owners, having its fur brushed, and teeth cleaned.