Ten Best Ornamental Fish for a Beautiful Freshwater Aquarium

Ornamental Fish for a Beautiful


If you are planning to start a freshwater aquarium and are eager to stock it, hold on and first consider whether you want a cold water tank or a heated one.

Each of these two has its own plus points and fish species specific to the water temperature. Usually, with a heated aquarium, you can have more varieties to choose from.

Here are 5 each of both the types of best ornamental fish for a freshwater aquarium.


Best Cold Water Aquarium Fish


The water in a cold water aquarium is kept at room temperature. However, a filtration system and a light should be included. These things are good for the ornamental fish breeding and their health.

Here are 5 best fish for a cold water aquarium.


1. Mollies:


Mollies are actually a versatile fish species that survive in freshwater as well as saltwater, but you should make changes gradually. Because of their extreme hardiness and amicable nature, they are ideal for beginners.



2. Gold Fish:


Preferring a water temperature between 62°F and 74°F, Gold Fish is a great cold water species for beginners. It’s available in numerous colors and sizes, though the ones with fanned fins and tails, and bubbly heads are more popular.

3. White Cloud:


white-cloud-fishA small and beautiful fish, White Cloud Mountain Minnow can tolerate a cold temperature even as low as 60°F. This fish prefers living in groups and in the top and middle sections of the aquarium.



4. Neon Tetra:

Small in size, but extremely amazing to look at, Neon Tetra can be a fabulous addition to your aquarium with its swiftly moving shining blue bodies. They are happy to live in bigger groups, so, don’t hesitate to keep as many as you want.

5. Cichlid:


Because of their awesome coloration, African Cichlids are a very popular ornamental fish. The numerous types cichlids are available in will amaze you along with their unique traits, courting and protecting eggs.


Best Heated Aquarium Fish



A heated aquarium is preferred by many hobbyists because it offers numerous types of ornamental fish.


– Here are only five:


1. Swordtail:


With its shiny orange body and a sword like projection from the tail, Swordtail can be a glory of your living room. Being a very hardy fish, it’s ideal for beginners.


2. Black Skirt Tetra:


If you want a lovely contrast with other shining multicolored fishes, the peaceful Black Skirt Tetra is a perfect addition to your tank. Keep them in a pair or a large group.


3. Betta:


An excellent combo of glow and colors, betta can be a star of your tank. However, as they fight with other bettas and better known as Siamese Fighting Fish, you better keep only one.

danio4. Danio:


Small-sized yet brightly shining, a Danio too can be a great first fish for aquarists because it is extremely hardy and can tolerate various conditions. It loves to live in groups, near the surface of water.


5. Platy:


With numerous varieties to choose from, Platies are perfect for beginners. They are amicable in nature and breeds frequently; however, babies are often eaten by other fish in the tank.

Choose these species according to your aquarium type and please your eyes and soul after a hectic day.

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