Tips on how to crate train a dog in less time

crate train a dog in less time


Basically, crate is an effective tool used in the management and training of dogs. Those dogs owners who are able to successfully crate train their dogs in the minimum amount of time, can travel with their animals easily, transport them and get them to settle in their spot.

Once the dog gets used to the crate, it will be able to sleep better and create less destruction around the house. If a person wants to know how to crate train a dog, they can easily learn.

Crates are usually used to train the dog when it is relatively new and has to adapt to its surroundings. It is a short term training tool and not advised to as a long term option.

Dogs like open spaces and freedom of movement, which is why they will never be that happy in a crate and may just tolerate it after some time has passed. If done correctly, crate training can be beneficial to the dogs overall behavior and provide them with a feeling of security for the time being. 


how to crate train a dog


Here are some tips to how to crate train a dog :



The selection of the crate.


You must opt for a crate which is of the right size and doesn’t make the animal feel confined or congested. Many people make the mistake of getting small crates and they end up discomforting the dogs.

The ideal thing to do here would be getting two crates, one for the puppy and one for later when it is bigger in size. You can even look for the adjustable crates and adjust them accordingly.

Pay careful attention to the type of crate.


There are various kinds of crates that people can choose from. Some look like they can be a part of the house furniture while others are actually built in the shape of kennels.

Find out which one will be best suited to your pet and has the maximum benefits. The kennel crates contain plastic and closed off while the wire ones are more open and keep the dog safe as well.


Position the crate in a corner where the dog can feel secure.


For a puppy, it is imperative that they become familiar with their surroundings as quickly as possible. In order to achieve that, you must place the crate in a place where the dog does not get disturbed or frightened.


Place a comforter or a toy in the crate.


It makes the dog adapt to the crate more easily. They can establish a sense of familiarity and recognize the place as home. 


If the crate is wire, cover a side.


This protects the dog against strange noises and people. By covering a side, you are not only saving them from scrutiny but also providing them with a safe haven.


Make it comfortable, quiet and keep on placing treats in there.


Remember that the dog has to be encouraged to enter the crate and return to it on their own. Hence, try to keep them restricted to one or two rooms for that.

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